Vancouver Campus Opening

Vancouver Campus Opening

CIMT College is growing again!  We are thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our fifth campus, this time in Vancouver, Canada!  This west-coast campus joins our family of four campuses already open and thriving in Malton, Brampton, Mississauga, and Scarborough.  Our new campus is located at 7673 6th Street, Suite 208, Burnaby, British Columbia.

The Vancouver campus will be exclusively offering Healthcare, and specifically, pre-med training for those wishing to study to become medical doctors.  Pre-medical courses provide aspiring students with in-depth knowledge and preparation for medical school. They play an important, intermediary role in a student's path to a medical education. This program bridges with a student’s choice to several university medical schools in the Caribbean.

Once they have earned a diploma in Pre-Health Sciences, students have GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE into one of several medical schools where they can study Basic Sciences for two years, and then complete a clinical rotation in North America, for them to qualify to write the board certification exams.

CIMT College has written partnership agreements with various Caribbean Medical Schools which guarantee your acceptance without further review of your credentials once you have earned your diploma in Pre-Health Sciences.

The Pre-Health Sciences diploma is 50 weeks, and 750 hours.  It has courses in General Biology, General Chemistry, Calculus, Evidence-based Research, English, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Cell Biology and Histology.  Students also learn about Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Medical Terminology, as they learn a solid foundation for medical school. 

Providing students complete all courses, achieving at least the minimum GPA, their application to any one of our partner universities will be accepted. 

Ask your Admissions Advisor at any of our campuses, including our newly opened Vancouver Campus, for a current list of our university medical school partners.

Campus Director, Mike Druce, is excited to meet students interested in pursuing a medical career.  To reach the Vancouver Campus directly, call 604-657-CIMT, or 604-657-2468, or send an email to

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