Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years!

CIMT College is thrilled to be Celebrating 20 Years of Success in 2018!

In 1998, Kam Bal, President and CEO of CIMT College, had a vision of a place where students could study healthcare, technology, business, and legal, where training would be exceptional, but with smaller class sizes to ensure personalized attention.

He opened his first campus in Malton in 1998, and was approved by the Ministry of Education at that time to operate a Private Career College in Ontario. And since then, in the last two decades, his vision has exploded into reality.

The second CIMT College campus opened in Brampton, and Mississauga quickly followed. In 2016, the Scarborough Campus opened, and in 2017, the first campus in British Columbia opened to offer exclusively Pre-med training to the west coast population.

In addition to adding new campuses, there have also been tremendous expansions at each campus, as the student population doubled, tripled, and then quadrupled. Brampton Campus is four times the size that it was only two years ago, and Malton Campus moved into the second floor, and there are plans to expand this year into the third floor. This year, in 2018, Mississauga Campus will be moving to a new location of double, or even triple the size, in order to accommodate the increased student demand.

Additionally, the number of programs which are approved for delivery at each campus has tremendously increased. In the last two years alone, CIMT College has expanded its offerings to include Dental Office Administration, Medical Office Administration with Health Unit Coordinating, Personal Support Working Bridging, and Community Service and Addictions Worker.

In January 2018, the first trade program ever was launched at CIMT College. The College of Trades is now excited and thrilled to be offering training in Renovation and Construction Technician. While some of the courses will take place on-campus, in order to run this program effectively and with total hands-on training, CIMT College has invested in an offsite warehouse, affectionately called a "Build House," where construction and training will take place. Students will receive 50% hands-on construction experience and training during this program, and in the final course, called "Build a House," students will actually construct a multi-room interior home, even using their own blueprint designs to plan it. Students learn how to construct from the ground up, starting with Foundations, Blueprints and Building Codes, and moving into Framing and Carpentry, Drywall and Painting, Ceilings and Floors, and even an introduction to Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC. Like most of the programs at CIMT College, it's the practical, hands-on experience which will be a huge asset when they seek a job.

The focus at CIMT College is always on helping our students to find new or preferred employment. In fact, as a Private Career College, your "career" is literally our middle name! Because of this, we have an amazing course included in all vocational diploma programs which teaches students how to write a resume and cover letter, how to answer interview questions, how to problem solve and time manage, and how to dress for interview success. Plus, our Career Services Department helps to place students either in internships, or in practicums, which are a part of many of our diploma programs.

While so much has changed in 20 years, the vision that Kam Bal first had for his company, has not. It is still a place of higher education where everyone is welcome to come, to learn, to grow, and to feel like part of the family.

Come visit us in our Anniversary Year, at any of our five campuses, and you'll see what the excitement is all about!


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