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Phlebotomy Training for Corporate Companies

Phlebotomy Training for Corporate Companies

CIMT College successfully conducted Phlebotomy training for two companies - Elevate NOW and Ontaria Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy. In all, there were 8 participants who attended the training from both companies.

The two day Phlebotomy Training was conducted in our Brampton Campus by our experienced Instructor - Rakesh, who has been a faculty member for many years. Our Phlebotomy Workshop provides hands-on training to the participants. Upon complete, each participant get certificate from CIMT College.

For our corporate clients, we offer a choice in training location. Based on the client's request, the training could be conducted at their facility or at any of our campuses. When the training is conducted at our campus, there is a further choice available for the participant to attend the regular scheduled class or we could arrange a special class for the participants as was the case for this training. All the corporate participants attended the special class exclusively organized for them.

CIMT College organizes Phlebotomy training every month at one of our four campuses – Malton, Brampton, Mississauga, or Scarborough. In case there are special requirements or customization required, our Corporate Training department would work with the client to meet their unique needs.

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