Food Service Worker

Food Service Worker Certificate
Work in Dietary Departments of Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities, and other Healthcare Settings.

Food Service Worker Diploma Course

Food Service Worker prepares the students to work in the dietary departments of hospitals, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, group homes, and other healthcare settings. The program has been developed with the support and co-operation of health care facilities to prepare individuals for employment in food service in a health care setting. The students will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to become a valuable member of the dietary team.


FSW program is designed with an aim to train students and provide required skills and knowledge for employment by hospitals and other health care establishments. They can also be hired by cafeterias, catering companies and other food service establishments. In some cases they often get work at restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food outlets, cafeterias, hospitals etc. The knowledge and skills learned during the program are applied in these areas where they are expected to take up responsibility relevant to the position/title they have. The skills learnt during the entire length of the program are as required by the industry regulation.


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Computer Fundamentals and Internet - Trains on basic computer skills, creating and managing documents and using internet.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint - Introduces word processing, spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations.

Role of Food Service Worker - presents the students with the professional expectations of a food service worker, including the roles and responsibilities, attitudes, ethical standards and management functions.

Sanitation and Safety – help students to explore to the sanitary food handling techniques and food server safety procedures to minimize the risk of food borne illness.

Communication and Customer Service - this course helps the students to develop effective written and verbal communication skills needed to interact with clients, managers and with the team.

Nutrition in Health Care – the students examine the basic principles of nutrition, the nutrition requirements throughout the life cycle and the importance of therapeutic diets.

Food Preparation and Kitchen Equipments – the student explores the principles and production of quantity food preparation. Proper and safe food handling techniques are discusses and cleaning and maintenance of selected kitchen equipment are also discussed here.

Professional Skills – Trains on interpersonal skills required for successful induction and working in professional world.

Practicum – Students gain experience working with clients in a long term care/ community facility.


There are numerous job opportunities for a person who has done Diploma in Food Service Worker. Food service supervisors supervise, direct and co-ordinate the activities of workers who prepare, portion and serve food. They are employed by hospitals and other health care establishments and by cafeterias, catering companies and other food service establishments. Workers in this unit group include counter attendants, food preparers, kitchen helpers, food service helpers and dishwashers. Counter attendants and food preparers prepare heat and finish cooking simple food items and serve customers at food counters. Kitchen helpers, food service helpers and dishwashers clear tables, clean kitchen areas, wash dishes, and perform various other activities to assist workers who prepare or serve food and beverages. They are employed by restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food outlets, cafeterias, hospitals and other establishments.


After pursuing a Diploma in Food Service Worker you are eligible for positions falling under the following NOC Codes

NOC - 6311 Food service supervisors – Food service supervisors supervise, direct and co-ordinate the activities of workers who prepare, portion and serve food.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include -

  • Dietary aide
  • Cook's helper
  • Hospital meal attendant
  • Hospital tray carrier
  • Airline food assembler
  •  Meal attendant, hospital
  • Counter attendant, cafeteria
  •  Fast-food preparer
  • Food counter attendant
  • Food preparer
  • Food service helper
  • Kitchen helper
  • Sandwich maker


Food service supervisors perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Supervise the tasks and schedules of all staff including cooking and service staff
  • Estimate and procure ingredients and supplies for meal preparation
  • Prepare summaries for chef as per the requests from dieticians, patients in hospitals or other customers
  • Organizes to meet work schedules
  • Maintain records of stock, repairs, sales and wastage
  • Organizes staff training in job duties, and sanitation and safety procedures
  • Ensure that food and service quality as per regulations
  • May participate in the selection of food service staff and assist in the development of policies, procedures and budgets
  • May plan cafeteria menus and determine related food and labour costs.

Food service counter attendants and food preparers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Take customers' orders
  • Clean, peel, slice and trim foodstuffs using manual and electric appliances
  • Prepare food such as sandwiches, hamburgers, salads, milkshakes and ice cream dishes
  • Portion and wrap food or place it directly on plates for service to patrons, and package take-out food
  • Serve customers at counters or buffet tables
  • Stock refrigerators and salad bars and keep records of the quantities of food used
  • May receive payment for food items purchased.

Kitchen helpers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Wash and peel vegetables and fruit
  • Clean work tables, panty cupboards and appliances
  • Store supplies in respective storage areas
  • Sweep and mop floors, and perform other duties to assist cook and kitchen staff.

Food service helpers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Clear and clean tables and trays in eating establishments
  • Bring clean dishes, flatware and other items to serving areas and set tables
  • Replenish condiments and other supplies at tables and in serving areas
  • Remove dishes before and after courses
  • Perform other duties such as scraping and stacking dishes, carrying linen to and from laundry area and running errands.


Employers of food service workers usually seek a person who has completed a college diploma. Since majority of the Employers look for certification, additional certification and a practice license in the related filed will be an asset. While entry level jobs ask for no experience or minimum years experience, higher positions can be sought for once you gain some practical experience in the actual workplace.


There are numerous job opportunities for the graduate with Diploma in Food Service Worker in the field of catering, hospitality and healthcare industry.

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Duration 14 Weeks - Full Time
26 Weeks - Part Time
Campus Mississauga - Malton
Mississauga - Dundas St
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Faculty Community Care
Course Level Beginner, Intermediate
Features In Class, Assignment,
Language English

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