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CIMT Colleges provides comprehensive ENGLISH COURSES for new immigrants to Canada, or for those who wish to upgrade skills for IELTS or TOEFL. Our four-skill program of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing provides months of necessary language practice.

We offer an integrated four-skill program providing learners with abundant opportunities for communicative and meaningful language practice with the cutting edge advantage of testing the knowledge through execution. The students gradually develop the ability to generate and understand conversation from simple to the very complex and demanding situations. We believe in the saying that there was never a good knowledge which could not be communicated to others, and this course is the tool to put your knowledge not only into words, but comprehendible words in a professional manner.




These four levels are the first half of our English language courses.  These four sections of training, Levels 1-4, are for those who have no English ability.  The goal is to introduce written and spoken communication in daily situations. 

Students who wish to achieve minimum scores on IELTS (overall band of 5.5 or more) or TOEFL (minimum score of 213/300), or who want to continue into a CIMT College diploma program, must also complete Levels 5-8.                Levels 1-4 are not offered separately.


  • Identify purpose, main ideas, factual details and some implied meanings in a short communication intended to influence or persuade others in familiar, everyday situations.
  • Get the gist and identify factual details, some implied meanings, key words and expressions in short descriptive or narrative communication on topics of personal


  • Make and respond to a range of requests and offers such as getting assistance, and asking for, offering, accepting or rejecting goods or services.
  • Ask for and give information about needs and feelings related to common everyday activities.
  • Give brief descriptions of personal experiences, situations or simple processes, such as getting goods or services.


  • Get information from simple formatted texts such as forms, tables, schedules, and directories.
  • Get information from short business or service texts such as brochures, notices, forms, letters, and flyers.
  • Get the main idea, the purpose of the text, specific details from texts related to everyday familiar and personally relevant situations and topics.
  • Access simple standard reference texts such as dictionaries and encyclopedia.


  • Complete simple forms that require basic personal or familiar information and some responses to simple questions.
  • Write simple business or service messages.


These four levels are the second half of our English language courses.  These four sections of training, Levels 5-8, are for those who have some English ability already, but not enough to achieve minimum scores on IELTS (overall band of 5.5 or more) or TOEFL (minimum score of 213/300).

After completing Level 8, students who wish to continue their education at CIMT College should be ready to have success in any diploma program. Levels 5-8 are not offered separately.


  • Identify and interpret warnings, threats, suggestions, recommendations and proposed solutions and evaluates the validity of suggestions or proposed solutions.
  • Identify the main idea and detailed information of presentations and group interactions about abstract and complex ideas on familiar or work- related issues, and interpret factual information, explanations, and opinions.


  • Participate social conversations such as expressing and responding to empathy, clarifying conflicts, and providing reassurance, introduce guests or speakers appropriately, express and respond to sympathy, express, respond to formal toasts or welcomes, and participate in brief professional phone calls.
  • Give instructions and directions for a broad range of technical and non-technical tasks, procedures and processes.
  • Integrate multiple pieces of information for a coherent oral presentation.


  • Identify moderately complex social messages such as those conveying opinions, assessments of current events, and responses to complaints or sympathy.
  • Interpret, infer, and follow extended, moderately complex, multistep instructions and instructions texts for established procedures related to specialized tasks.


  • Convey personal messages in formal and informal correspondence for an expanded range of social purposes such as expressing and responding to sympathy, clarifying a conflict, or giving reassurance.
  • Summarize oral discourse about established procedures given in a live demonstration, over the phone, or from pre-recorded audio or video material into notes that can be used to write instructions.
  • Summarize a text of up to about 2 pages.
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Duration 4 months - ESL Levels 1 - 4
4 months - ESL Levels 5 - 8
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Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Lab, Hands-on Training
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