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CIMT College proudly presents the distance education solution! We have created a virtual online classroom training for students who wish to study at home. CIMT College has invested in online classrooms to make your learning experience seamless and fun.


CIMT College is enrolling students for upcoming programs and courses via phone and email. If you are considering taking this time to train for new skills, or a new career, then this might be a good opportunity to train from home! Use your time at home to upgrade your knowledge and build your skills to get ready for the future!

How to Find Out More:

  1. Chat on the Phone: Our admission advisors can answer your questions, send you an online application form, and set you up for Distance Education, and you can do it all from home.
  2. Virtual Chat: If you want to have a virtual face to face conversation, our admission advisors can use Skype, or FaceTime, so you can video conferencing from your home to get all of your questions answered and make informed decision.


Perhaps your current college has shut down, but you would prefer to continue your education from home during this time. We can help! We can transfer credits towards one of our programs, so you can continue to learn from the safety of your home. Just reach out to one of our admissions advisors who can give you credit for courses you have already completed. This would reduce your tuition and time to complete the program.


During this period, if you are an existing CIMT College student, you would be continuing your education through online remote learning channels.


  1. Students wishing to study from home will need to have internet access and a computer/laptop to take classes.

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