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FREE PSW Training!

PSW Challenge Fund: Ontario invests $52.3 million to train new PSWs!

Government funding has been announced to train 4,000 personal support workers at colleges including CIMT College!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER of PSW Funding from the government! Students must start their PSW training at CIMT College between
May 1 and July 31, 2021.

Classes will fill up quickly, so call an admissions advisor today at

Government Funding:

$13,235 per student to cover tuition, books and other fees. PLUS students receive a stipend during their clinical work placement, so they earn payment during their hands-on training at Ontario's health and long-term care sectors.

  • Bursaries of up to $7,500 for tuition, books, and other mandatory fees.
    (This amount covers the FULL cost of the CIMT College program!)
  • A stipend of $5,735 as a paid placement.

All aspects of financial assistance for the PSW Challenge Fund are provided by the government of Ontario.

How to Apply:

Details are coming from the Assistant Deputy Minister, Advanced Education Learner Supports Division. For now, anyone interested should immediately call the campus to schedule an appointment to get in line for this FREE training to become a PSW! 905-671-9999

We are delighted that CIMT College will help play a part in improving our healthcare sector and Ontario's long-term care workforce! Become a PSW, and join us in that goal!

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The career service team provides the necessary support and training to students to find employment in their field of study. The Career services at CIMT College support the students in many ways, including providing:

  • Professional Skills: All the students at CIMT College are provided with an intensive and dynamic course in Professional Skills. This Course has been specially designed by Career Services and covers all the necessary training before the students can go job hunting. In this course, the students are provided with hands on training in making an impeccable resume package that includes an impressive cover letter, an eye-catching resume, and the right references. They are also guided on the importance of body language and attire in an interview and most importantly, how to face an interview.
  • Individual Student Sessions: Career Services also provides one on one guidance to the students and facilitates them on finding the right job opportunities. During the one-on-one sessions, the students are given the mock interviews and get the right feedback to work on their areas of improvement. They are also given further tips on improving their resume package. We encourage all our students to stay connected with Career Services and reach out to us for all the support and guidance.
  • Job Opportunities: Career Services constantly keeps finding new job opportunities and sending them to the students. The students are informed about them via emails and phones calls. We have a dedicated job board, which is constantly updated with new job opportunities. The students are provided with all the necessary assistance to apply for the jobs.
  • Organizing Employer Pop-Ins: Employer Pop-Ins, as we call them at CIMT College, are Employer info sessions that are organized constantly for the students of CIMT College. During the Employer Pop-In, the employer visits our campus and interacts with our students, telling them about the job opportunities they have. The students also get the chance to ask their questions. Following this, the interested students’ resumes are sent to the employer for an interview. Lot of our students have procured placements and jobs via such info sessions.
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