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FREE PSW Training!

PSW Challenge Fund: Ontario invests $54.7 million to train new PSWs!

Government funding has been announced to train up to 4,000 personal support workers at ONLY participating OSAP approved colleges including CIMT College!

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER of PSW Funding from the government! Students must start their PSW training at CIMT College between June 1 and September 30, 2022.

Classes will fill up quickly, so call an admissions advisor today at 905-671-9999!

Government Funding:

Up to $13,690 per student in financial support to cover tuition, books and other fees, and stipend. By receiving a stipend during their clinical work placement, students earn payment during their hands-on training at Ontario's health and long-term care sectors. The breakup financial support is as follows:

  • Bursaries of up to $7,725 for tuition, books, and other mandatory fees.
    (This amount covers the FULL cost of the CIMT College program!)
  • A stipend of up to $5,965 as a paid placement.

How to Apply:

Anyone interested should immediately call the campus to schedule an appointment to get in line for this FREE training to become a PSW! 905-671-9999. Alternatively, fill up the quick application form by visiting the PSW Webpage:

We are delighted that CIMT Colleges will help play a part in improving our healthcare sector and Ontario's long-term care workforce!

Become a PSW, and join us in that goal!

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