Announcing Partnership with Aureus University School of Medicine

Announcing Partnership with Aureus University School of Medicine

CIMT College’s Pre-Med program offers an amazing opportunity for students aspiring to become Medical Doctors. Our One-year Pre-Med program gives students over 90 credit hours, which is required to get admissions into most medical schools in the Caribbean. Normally, a student aspiring to become a Medical Doctor needs to complete Bachelor of Science Degree and MCAT to get admissions into Canadian or USA School of Medicine. The chances of student getting into a good school are dependent upon number of factors including their GPA, score in MCAT and many others specific to school they are applying, and thus, it’s unfortunately extremely hard for students to get a seat in a coveted Canadian or US Medical School.

CIMT College, through its unique Pre-Med program, shortens the path to become a Medical Doctor. We have currently patterned with 11 Schools of Medicine, which offer guaranteed admission into their MD program upon completing minimum requirements. A Pre-Med student from CIMT College does not need to have to write the MCAT or earn a Bachelor of Science degree to get admissions into our Medical School partners. All they need is a high school diploma, good GPA in our Pre-Med Program and an application to one of our Partnered Medical Schools.

CIMT College is very proud to announce our newest partnership with Aureus University School of Medicine, Aruba, hereafter referred to as “Aureus”, which is one of prominent School of Medicine in the Caribbean. Through this partnership, Canadian students, without the need for MCAT or Bachelor’s degree, can apply to Aureus from our Pre-Med program. The good news is that our Pre-Med program is pre-approved by Aureus! Students who have graduated from Aureus have received residencies in Canadian and US hospitals; for more information, check out their website at

We are also pleased to announce that our Pre-Med program is now available online for lectures during COVID. So there’s never been a better time to begin your journey to becoming a medical doctor.

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