Open House Day!

Open House Day!


Come join us for a FREE campus tour at any of our 7 CIMT College locations! Our doors are always open to guests; however, every Wednesday we welcome everyone to stop in for a tour of our campus and a chance to meet with an Admission Advisor to answer all of your questions!

Speaking of which… we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our newest Admissions Advisors!

Please meet, Marlana!

Marlana works on site at our Mississauga Trades Campus, located at 2650 Slough Street, Mississauga. If you are interested in the wonderful and exciting field that is Trades, please give Marlana a visit, so she can show you around this amazing campus! You won't be disappointed!


Click on the Program, Short Course or Workshop that interests you to find out some more information!


Connect with Marlana today, so that she can provide you with the information and experience you are looking for!

"Come on in and sign up for a brighter future!!!"
- Marlana

Apply online through the webpage of the program, course or workshop of your choosing or you can give us a call at 905-671-9999 or send an email to

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