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Business Administration Diploma Course at CIMT College

Business Administration is a diploma program which trains students to be employable in almost any type of business because they learn a wide range of skills from customer care, office and business procedures, word processing, and communication.

Enhancements to the program include an introduction to Human Resources, Project Management, and even Marketing.

After completing this program, students have acquired the skills for problem solving and leadership, which enable them to be successful and efficient in their professional careers. Hands on training in computer applications allows students to nurture the necessary confidence in various software which helps them contribute to any organization.


It is an all round development course which is designed in such a manner that you are well equipped with the skills to be the front face of the organization. The program starts by training you on the basic skills required in an Office Administrator Proficiency in computers and English. Adequate training and practice is provided on keyboarding skills and computer fundamentals along with the knowledge of Key Office Applications. The program also covers the basic concepts of business mathematics which may be required in office or industry environment. Emphasis is also laid on training the students in Business Communication and Administrative Procedures so that they can handle the office communication effectively while adhering to the administrative procedures demanded in a Canadian work culture. Business Value and Ethics along with Professional Skills training ensures all round development of the student and steers them towards becoming a successful Office Administrator.

After completing your Diploma in Business Administration you will be able to carry out activities like -Maintaining the records in an organization, carrying out office duties like answering calls, sending emails, photocopying or faxing information, receiving and creating documents for order processing, maintaining record of ingoing and outgoing mails, performing basic banking tasks for the office, maintaining office supplies, arranging for regular maintenance of office materials, creating reports for management, coordinating among various departments in the organization, etc.


  • Training is conducted in an online classroom.
  • Evaluations like Quizzes, Midterms, Exam, and some Assignments are offered in LISA. Watch the video to learn more!


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Student Success Strategy – Helps develop techniques & skills to achieve success in personal and professional life.

Computer Fundamentals and Internet – Trains on basic computer skills, creating and managing documents and using internet.

Keyboarding Skills – Helps learn how to touch type for improved speed and accuracy on the keyboard.

English I - Develops college-level grammar, vocabulary, sentence variety, paragraph structure, reading, and writing skills, which are necessary for success in all other courses.

Business Mathematics - Provides foundation in arithmetic and mathematics related to business and industry practices.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint – Introduces word processing, spread sheets, power point presentations.

Microsoft Excel – Develops skills in customizing the Excel Interface.

Business Communication – Introduces the principles of effective written and oral communication.

Financial Accounting I – Provides fundamental concepts of accounting, analyzing & recording financial transactions, preparing income statements and fund flow analysis.

Microsoft Access – Assists in designing database, controlling data entry and application enhancement through database utilities.

Administrative Procedures – Educates and trains about the dynamic work environment in Canadian businesses and offices.

Microsoft Outlook - Explores the basic and advanced features of Outlook.

Microsoft Word – Creates proficiency in customizing the Microsoft Word environment

Business Values and Ethics - Introduces the basic categories and framework of business ethics.

Marketing and Branding Workshop - Students enjoy a workshop to introduce the basics of branding and marketing for small and large businesses.

Human Resources Workshop - Training to learn about the Employment Standards Act, Labour Board, employee rights, and other basics of the world of HR.

Project Management - Introduces project management skills, PMBOK, the triple constraint, and qualities of a strong project and successful project leader.

Professional Skills - Trains on interpersonal skills required for successful induction and working in professional world.


Administration comprises of a huge industry which offers a variety of job openings. After pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration you are industry ready for taking up positions as Office assistants, Information clerks, Administrative assistants etc. The course trains you for various positions in the administrative hierarchy of the organization and provides an opportunity for growth with experience.

Graduates with Business Administration become valuable members of public as well as private organizations in all the areas of business like banking, insurance, education, health, administration, business services etc.


After pursuing a Diploma in Business Administration you are eligible for positions falling under the following NOC Codes

NOC -1422 - Data Entry Clerks – They create records and spreadsheets by entering data related to statistics, finances and other information using computers and other data entry tools.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include - Data control clerk, Data entry operator, Data input clerk, Data processor, Payment entry clerk.

NOC- 1441 - Administrative Clerks - They are usually responsible for compiling and recording of various documents after verifying their accuracy and completeness. Documents may be in the form of applications, requisitions and permits etc as per certain procedures or guidelines.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include - Administrative clerk, Application clerk, Documentation clerk, License clerk, Office administration clerk, Customs or passport clerk, Registration clerk etc

NOC- 1221- Administrative Officers - They are responsible for implementation of administrative procedures and also oversee the office management in regarding to office space, office supplies and other services. They are responsible for ensuring that the basic facilities are adequately arranged for the smooth functioning of the office.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include - Office administrator, Administrative services co-ordinator, office manager, co-ordinator, record manager, planning officer, admissions office etc.

NOC- 1222- Executive Assistants - They are responsible for co-ordinating the administrative procedures in an office and depending on their experience and duration with an organization, they may also be involved in research and analysis for the top management. These positions are usually available in large government organizations, corporate offices etc.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include- Committee Clerk, Corporate Secretary and Executive Assistant etc.

NOC- 1411- General Office Clerks - They prepare reports, statements and correspondence material along with performing the basic tasks of office management, responding to telephonic queries and performing other clerical duties.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include- General Office Clerk, Office Assistant, Office Clerk etc

NOC- 1453- Customer Service, Information and Related Clerks- They are responsible for answering queries and providing information to customers regarding the goods and services being provided by the establishment. They also carry out the normal business activities of processing sale and purchase requests, receiving payments and maintaining records.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include- Accounts information Clerk, Bus information Clerk, Call Centre Agent, Customer Service Clerk, Information clerk, Public Relations Clerk etc


Data Entry Clerks perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Key in data related to invoices and other records to create computerized records.
  • Verify and maintain accurate and complete data.
  • Maintain library of electronic media files so as to identify and organize data.
  • Transfer data among various departments of the organization.

Administrative clerks perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Record and compile information, received through applications, licenses, contracts and registrations etc as per established procedures, manually as well as through computers.
  • Process papers after adequate approvals for preparing relevant documents.
  • Maintain office procedures as per the company policies and programs.
  • Perform basic accounting tasks for record management.
  • Maintain inventory of office supplies to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Co-ordinate among various departments and levels of management.

Administrative officers perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Ensure proper functioning of the organization by co-ordinating the office administration procedures.
  • Carry out periodic review to upgrade or introduce new procedures.
  • Delegate work to supporting staff and ensure adherence to deadlines and established procedures.
  • Access information for record maintenance and process requests for information by clients/customers.
  • Establish priorities at work and ensure their successful completion within designated time frame.
  • Co-ordinate office maintenance services like accommodations, guest services, office supplies, parking and security arrangements etc.

Executive Assistants perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Ensure proper functioning of the organization by co-ordinating the office administration procedures.
  • Prepare reports and summary briefs for the executives or board members.
  • Make agendas and co-ordinate the board meetings.
  • Record minutes of the meeting and create reports based on it.
  • Create and compile data and other necessary documents, reports, policies etc which may be required during meetings.
  • Form a link for inter-departmental transfer of information on behalf of the board of directors.

General Office Clerks perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Handling the telephonic, electronic and in person enquiries in the organization.
  • Redirecting the enquiries to the appropriate person and entering data related to them.
  • Providing basic information to the general public and/or clients.
  • Performing basic office duties like photocopying, faxing and emailing correspondence/documents.
  • Create data records regarding correspondence, reports, financial statements, creating invoices etc.
  • Perform basic bookkeeping and accounting tasks, handling bank deposits.
  • Receive orders and process applications, forms etc for further action.
  • Maintain office supplies and equipment; ensure timely repair and adequate availability of office materials.

Customer Service, Information and Related Clerks perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Handling telephonic, electronic and in person enquiries from customers.
  • Providing relevant information or services to the customers.
  • Handling customer complaints and arranging for refunds, exchanges etc.
  • Maintain Accounts Payable and Receivable.
  • Respond to emergency calls and enquiries.


Job openings in the field of Business Administration usually seek a person who has completed college or other Business Administration courses. Since computerized record maintenance is the need of the hour in any organization, knowledge of basic computers with some specialization in Key Office Applications is a desired asset. Good communications skills are desired to be an effective Office Administrator.

Entry level jobs can be pursued with little or no experience while higher administrative positions can be sought after few years of experience.


Business Administration course develops skills which are desired by most organizations, thereby creating a vast pool of employers. Job seekers will find the maximum positions available under the NOC Codes mentioned above and opportunities range from private to public positions. Opportunities for growth with experience are numerous and widely available.

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