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Have you ever thought of pursuing a career in law? In less than a year you could be working in the legal profession earning a competitive salary. Our diploma program provides you with extensive understanding of Canadian Law, Wills and Estates, Family Law, Corporate & Commercial Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Law, and more! You'll have the essential skills to choose from a diversity of legal fields, so you can explore your interests.


The program is designed to prepare you with legal terminology, legal office procedures, and you'll even receive training on Legal Software, so you'll be able to effectively handle a legal office independently.

After completing your Diploma in Legal Office Administration you will be able to carry out activities like maintaining the client database, managing files relating to legal cases including real estate, wills and estate; filing and maintaining documents; booking appointments and schedule meetings for the legal office; sending correspondence to concerned departments involved in the legal matters and similar tasks leading to skilful management of a legal office.


  • Training is conducted in an online classroom.
  • Evaluations like Quizzes, Midterms, Exam, and some Assignments are offered in LISA. Watch the video to learn more!


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PRE-REQUISITES: A Grade 12 diploma or mature student status is required. English


Student Success Strategy – Trains on techniques & skills to achieve success in personal and professional life.

Family Law and Procedures – provides insight into most of the fundamental legal issues that confront Canadian families today.

Civil Litigation Practice and Procedures - covers all aspects of civil procedure and provides a useful pan-Canadian comparison of legislation and court rules from various jurisdictions.

Real Estate Law – trains about real property, personal property, and all of the facets inherent in real estate and real estate closings.

Criminal Law – provides information about the Canadian Criminal Law and the Canadian Criminal Code.

Corporate and Business Law I - Introduction to the Canadian Legal System, courts, tribunals, and procedures, including torts, contract law, sole proprietorship, partnerships, and corporations. Explore employment law, termination and dismissal, collective bargaining, and consumer protection and safety. Students also learn about environmental law, real estate laws and land transactions, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, bankruptcy and insolvency in Canada, and associated legislation.

Wills and Estates – gives insight into estate planning, wills, power of attorney, living wills and trusts.

Legal Software Applications – gives training to students on various software used in law offices for billing and real estate closing, divorce financials and amortizations.

Computer Fundamentals and Internet – Trains on basic computer skills, creating and managing documents and using internet.

Keyboarding Skills – helps increase the speed and accuracy on the use of keyboard using touch type with the right keys.

English I - Develops college-level grammar, vocabulary, sentence variety, paragraph structure, reading, and writing skills, which are necessary for success in all other courses.

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint – Introduces word processing, spread sheets, power point presentations.

Legal Office Procedures – provides comprehensive coverage to overview of law office, duties and legal correspondence.

Microsoft Outlook - explores the basic and advanced features of Outlook.

Professional Skills - Trains on interpersonal skills required for successful induction and working in professional world.


Legal Administration comprises of a huge industry which offers a variety of job openings at different levels and types of legal offices. After pursuing a Diploma in Legal Office Administration you can find gainful employment in a variety of legal settings which provides you with an opportunity to explore your knowledge and expertise in the legal domain.

Graduates with Legal Office Administration become indispensible members of legal organizations dealing with matters of organizations involving Finance, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate and Leasing, Civil and Criminal Law, Business Laws etc.


After pursuing a Diploma in Legal Office Administration you are eligible for positions falling under the following NOC Codes

NOC- 1242- Legal Secretaries- They perform administrative as well as secretarial functions in legal offices, real estate firms, legal departments of large organizations including municipal, provincial and federal courts and government.

Common Job Titles which you can apply for include - Legal secretary, Litigation secretary, Real estate secretary.


Legal Secretaries perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Creating legal documents like wills, deeds, affidavits, agreements for carrying out the legal activities.
  • Ensuring that all the documents and any correspondence is compliant with the legal requirements and prepared as per legal procedures.
  • Maintaining the database for the clients and scheduling their appointments/meetings with the office.
  • Record management involving correspondence inflow and outflow in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Handling confidential materials and other documentation and ensuring the trust of the client.
  • Preparing financial statements for the office and ensuring smooth flow of banking processes.
  • Updating the incoming information and using legal software for creating appropriate documents and records.
  • Other Administrative jobs leading to a healthy office environment.


Job openings in the field of Legal Office Administration usually seek a person who has completed college or other legal administration courses. Since the knowledge of legal terminology is important to be successful in this position, some formal training in legal procedures and basic knowledge of law is usually desired by the employers.

This can be in addition to having administrative skills and proficiency in computers since the legal records are managed using specific legal software.


Legal Office Administration course develops skills which are desired by variety of prospective employers. The employers would include Lawyers, Financial organizations, Legal departments in public as well as private sectors, real estate offices, municipal, provincial and federal courts and government.

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Duration 22 Weeks - Full Time
Campus Mississauga - Malton
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Faculty Law
Course Level Beginner, Intermediate
Features In Class, Assignment
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