The Cisco Certified Network Professional (ENCOR 350-401) course provides a review of basic network fundamentals and covers some advanced concepts on use of spanning tree protocol, root bridge placement and protection, multiple spanning tree, VTP, DTP, and EtherChannel. It also discusses the fundamentals of routing and routing protocols, along with the underlying mechanism of EIGRP, OSPF and an optimized OSPF environment. The course discusses the core concepts and advanced features of BGP, IGMP, PIM and RPs, along with the basic theory of wireless signals and modulations, wireless infrastructure and troubleshooting wireless connectivity. It also describes security from an Enterprise view and covers security framework, and infrastructure security. The course also provides a hands on experience with the network automation tools and Application Programming Interfaces and data formats.

This curriculum is organized for maximum efficiency. Related features are covered together, and features and options are covered in the sequence in which they are typically used. Information on each feature, technology, or protocol is presented in a concise manner and in detail. Labs are conducted with sections presenting quick facts, configuration information, and step-by-step examples, including both required and optional commands. This course brings together all of the Cisco routing configuration information that most network professionals will ever need.


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  • Packet Forwarding
  • Network Device Communication

Layer 2

  • Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Advanced STP Tuning
  • Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  • VLAN Trunks and EtherChannel Bundles


  • IP Routing Essentials
  • OSPF
  • Advanced OSPF
  • OSPFv3
  • BGP
  • Advanced BGP
  • Multicast


  • QoS
  • QoS Models
  • IP Services


  • Overlay Tunnels
  • IPsec Fundamentals


  • Wireless Signals and Modulation
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Understanding Wireless Roaming and Location Services
  • Authenticating Wireless Clients
  • Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity


  • Enterprise Network Architecture
  • Fabric Technologies
  • Network Assurance


  • Secure Network Access Control
  • Next-Generation Endpoint Security
  • Network Device Access Control and Infrastructure Security


  • Virtualization
  • Foundational Network Programmability Concepts
  • Cisco DevNet
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Introduction to Automation Tools
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After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the flow of network traffic through router or switch architecture.
  • Employ Spanning tree Protocol, Rapid snapping Tree Protocol, Multiple Spanning tree Protocol, advanced STP Tuning.
  • Be aware of the mechanism of the EIGRP routing protocol, the path metric calculations, the failure detection mechanism and techniques of optimization.
  • Comprehend the route advertisement with a multiarea OSPF domain, path selection, optimizing OSPF environment.
  • Understand the concepts of BGP, BGP multihoming, route filtering, indentifying best path for a network prefix.
  • Recognize the operations and protocols required for multicast such as IGMP, PIM, RPs.
  • Enhance the network using time synchronization, virtual gateway technologies, and network address translation,
  • Scaling from small network to large campus size and Enterprise Network.
  • Secure the network using the Cisco security framework, such as web security, email security, next generation firewalls, and NAC technologies, web authentication, etc
  • Describe autonomous, cloud based centralized, embedded, and mobility Express wireless architectures.
  • Use software application programming interfaces and common data formats.
  • Make use of common automation tools such as on-box, agent-based, and agent less tools.
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Duration 80 Hours
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Faculty IT
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Lab, Hands-on Training
Language English

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