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Project+ prepares students to pass the current CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam PK0-004. The course provides an exposure to the project’s life cycle, roles, and skills necessary to effective plan, execute, monitor , control and close a project. The course provides students with the skills to be a successful project manager and is based on the objective of PMBOK (project management body of knowledge). The topics cover fundamentals of project management, initiate a project, plan a project, plan project costs, quality management plans, create effective communication, monitor and control project performance, risk and procurements and perform project closure activities.

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PRE-REQUISITES: Computer Fundamentals and Microsoft Office


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Defining Project Management Fundamentals

  • Identify Project Management Basics
  • Describe the Project Life Cycle
  • Define Agile Methodology

Initiating the Project

  • Identify the Project Selection Process
  • Prepare a Project SOW

Planning the Project

  • Identify Project Management Plan Components
  • Determine Stakeholder Needs
  • Create a Scope Statement

Preparing to Develop the Project Schedule

  • Create an Activity List
  • Identify Resources
  • Estimate Time

Developing the Project Schedule

  • Develop a Project Schedule
  • Identify the Critical Path
  • Optimize the Project Schedule
  • Create a Schedule Baseline

Planning Project Costs

  • Estimate Project Costs
  • Estimate the Cost Baseline
  • Reconcile Funding and Costs

Planning Human Resources and Quality Management

  • Create a Human Resource Plan
  • Create a Quality Management Plan

Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance

  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Report Project Performance

Monitoring and Controlling Project Constraints

  • Control the Project Schedule
  • Control Project Costs
  • Manage Project Quality

Planning for Risk

  • Create a Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Project Risks and Triggers
  • Develop a Risk Response Plan

Planning Project Procurements

  • Prepare a Procurement Management Plan
  • Prepare Procurement Documents

Planning for Change and Transitions

  • Develop an Integrated Change Control System
  • Develop a Transition Plan

Executing the Project

  • Direct the Project Execution
  • Manage the Project Team
  • Manage Stakeholder Relationships

Executing the Procurement Plan

  • Obtain Responses from Vendors
  • Select Project Vendors

Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks

  • Monitor and Control Project Risks

Monitoring and Controlling Procurements

  • Monitor and Control Vendors and Procurements
  • Handling Legal Issues

Closing the Project

  • Deliver the Final Product
  • Close Project Procurements
  • Close a Project
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Duration 50 Hours
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Faculty IT
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Lab, Hands-on Training
Language English

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