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CIMT College offers two levels of ESL training. Our four-skill course with Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing provides 4 months of necessary language practice per level. ESL Beginner is suited to students who have little or no English skills at all. ESL Intermediate is ideal for students who wish to achieve minimum scores on IELTS (overall band of 5.5 or more) or TOEFL (minimum score of 213/300), or for those who want to continue into a CIMT College diploma program. ESL Intermediate also includes IELTS preparatory training. ESL Complete combines ESL Beginner and Intermediate. Classes are limited to 6-8 students to provide personalized attention.

This course is 400 hours, 16 weeks. It is generally recommended for those with some English ability. In order to start in ESL Intermediate, and skip ESL Beginner, students must achieve a minimum score on the CIMT College Language Skills Assessment and/or have a 4.5 bands. ESL Intermediate includes IELTS Exam Preparatory Training. ESL Intermediate is Levels 5-8.

ESL Beginner Courses and classes in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto

PRE-REQUISITES: ESL Beginner, or entrance assessment, or 4.5 bands


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  • Identify purpose, main ideas, factual details and some implied meanings in a short communication intended to influence or persuade others in familiar, everyday situations.
  • Get the gist and identify factual details, some implied meanings, keywords and expressions in short descriptive or narrative communication on topics of personal


  • Make and respond to a range of requests and offers such as getting assistance, and asking for, offering, accepting or rejecting goods or services.
  • Ask for and give information about needs and feelings related to common everyday activities.
  • Give brief descriptions of personal experiences, situations or simple processes, such as getting goods or services.


  • Get information from simple formatted texts such as forms, tables, schedules, and directories.
  • Get information from short business or service texts such as brochures, notices, forms, letters, and flyers.
  • Get the main idea, the purpose of the text, specific details from texts related to everyday familiar and personally relevant situations and topics.
  • Access simple standard reference texts such as dictionaries and encyclopedia


  • Complete simple forms that require basic personal or familiar information and some responses to simple questions.
  • Write simple business or service messages.

Each course includes 16 weeks of Extensive ESL and workbooks. Each level contains 2 student textbooks which are loaned to students, and 2 student workbooks which are included in the tuition fee for students to keep, to provide hands on train-ing. Students also learn from DVDs containing videos for further practice of vocabulary, grammar, and functional language.

Students completing ESL Intermediate or ESL Complete do not need IELTS or TOEFL or other language accreditation to join a CIMT College diploma program. Your ESL Intermediate or ESL Complete is the only ESL credential you need!

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Duration 16 Weeks
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Faculty Business
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Hands-on Training
Language English

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