This course is a study of the dynamics of leadership in today’s business world. The course includes different models and approaches to leadership, and understanding of diverse teams and how to handle conflicts, and communication strategies. This course is beneficial for someone who is new to the role of being a leader, or for someone who wants to rise to the challenge to become one.

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  • Why We Need Leadership
  • The New Reality for Leaders
  • How Leadership Differs from Management
  • Evolving Theories of Leadership
  • Leadership Can Be Learned
  • The Trait Approach
  • Behaviour Approaches
  • Entrepreneurial Traits and Behaviors
  • The Contingency Approach
  • Hersey and Blanchard's Situational Theory
  • Substitutes for Leadership
  • Path-Goal Theory
  • The Vroom-Jago Contingency Model
  • Fiedler's Contingency Model
  • Personality and Leadership
  • Values and Attitudes
  • Social Perception and Attributions
  • Mental Models
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Moral Leadership Today
  • Strategies for Managing Up
  • What Followers Want from Leaders
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Needs-Based Theories of Motivation
  • Empowering People to Meet Higher Needs
  • How Leaders Communicate
  • Leading Strategic Conversations
  • Communicating to Persuade and Influence
  • Communication Channels and Challenges
  • The Value of Teams
  • Leading a Team to High Performance
  • Leading a Virtual Team
  • Handling Team Conflict
  • Diversity and Global Diversity
  • Becoming an Inclusive Leader
  • Using Hard vs. Soft Power
  • Increasing Power through Political Activity
  • The Leader as the Strategist-in-Chief
  • Organizational Culture
  • Leadership Means Leading Change
  • A Framework for Change
  • Implementing Change
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Duration 60 Hours
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Faculty Business
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Hands-on Training
Language English

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