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The course covers from basic to advance functions and features of Access. Students will learn how to design and create databases; work with tables, fields and records; sort and filter data; and create queries, data entry forms, multilevel reports, and multi-table queries.

Students will learn how to create advance queries, create crosstab, parameter and action queries, import, export and link database objects, work with XML documents. They will also learn to create and modify forms, and configure and format reports.

PRE-REQUISITES: Computer Fundamentals and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint


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Getting Started

  • Database Concepts
  • Exploring the Access Environment
  • Import objects or data from other sources
  • Delete database objects

Databases and Tables

  • Planning and Designing Databases
  • Exploring and Creating Tables
  • Display relationships
  • Set primary keys, foreign keys
  • Enforce referential integrity

Fields and Records

  • Finding, Editing and Organizing Records
  • Add validation rules to fields
  • Change field captions, sizes, data types
  • Configure fields to auto-increment

Basic Queries

  • Creating and Using Queries
  • Modifying Query results and queries
  • Performing Operations in Queries

Advanced Queries

  • Creating Crosstab Queries
  • Creating Parameter Queries
  • Using Action Queries
  • Create basic multi-table queries

Using Forms

  • Creating Forms
  • Add, move, and remove form controls
  • Set form control properties
  • Add and modify form labels

Advanced Form Design

  • Modify tab order on forms
  • Sort records by form field
  • Modify form positioning

Importing,Exporting and Linking

  • Importing and Exporting Objects
  • Interacting with XML Documents
  • Linking Access Objects
  • Using hyperlink fields

Working with Reports

  • Reports and Modifying and Printing Reports
  • Format a report into multiple columns
  • Modify report positioning
  • Format report elements
  • Change report orientation

Reports and Printing

  • Customized Headers and Footers
  • Adding Calculated Values
  • Printing and Labels
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Duration 40 Hours
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Faculty IT
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Lab, Hands-on Training
Language English

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