Trim and Crown Moulding Workshop

This trades course is ideal for a do-it-yourselfer who wants to learn how to install various types of moulding and trim. Learn about wall trim like wainscoting and chair rails, window and door casings, and how to install crown moulding and ceiling medallions. Students learn how to do mitre cuts both manually and using an electric saw and install using a nail gun or hammer.For those who wish to explore a vocational outcome, ask about our diploma program called Renovation and Construction Technician.

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  • Building Mathematics to Determine Quantities
  • Hand Tools and Saw
  • Power Saws, Compound Mitre Saw
  • Power Nailers: Brad, Pin
  • Types of Trim and Moulding
    • Floor Trim (baseboard, quarter round, shoe)
    • Window and Door Trim (plinth, apron, pedimen)
    • Wall Trim (chair rail, wainscoting, panels)
    • Ceiling Trim (medallions)
      • Crown Moulding
  • Trim Composition (MDF, Wood, Polymer, Foam)
  • Types of Trim Joints
    • Butt, Mitre, Coped, Scarf
  • How to Remove or Re-Paint Old Trim
  • Caulking and Painting Trim
  • Maintenance, Cleaning, and Use of Tools
  • Safe Work Practices, Tool Safety

Practical Trim

Students will actually add trim and moulding to walls, floors, and ceilings.

Attire and Tools

Students must purchase and wear work clothes, CSA approved work boots, safety goggles, safety work gloves, in order to enter the Build House and partake in training.

Students must also provide their own tools . Ask your Admissions Advisor for the complete list.Tuition Fee includes construction materials.

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Duration 30 Hours
Course Fees Contact Us
Faculty Trades
Course Level Beginner
Features In Class, Lab, Hands-on Training
Language English

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