CIMT College is pleased to offer generous bursaries for students in the following categories:

New Immigrant Bursary

Less than 2 years from the date of entry into Canada

Back to School Bursary

The student has been away from school for 5 to 15 years                                              

Life Experience Bursary

Bursary based on previous Education or Experience                      

In-Need Bursary

Concession based on Family Income

Refugee Bursary

Bursary based on Refugee Status

CIMT College - Student Bursaries

The Amount of Bursary is decided after carefully assessing the candidate at the discretion of the Admissions Advisor and/or Manager of Admissions at CIMT College. Each bursary ranges from $50 to $1500 depending on the applicant, vocation, and need.  Students may be allowed to combine bursaries.  Bursaries and bursary eligibility amounts are not discussed until the student is on-campus, and after they have chosen a specific vocation at CIMT College.  Speak to your Admissions Advisor for more information when you come for a FREE Campus Tour.

Bursaries are only available on vocational programs.  
Bursaries are not available to international students or those represented by agents.


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