International Students Already in Canada

CIMT College invites you to come for a FREE Campus Tour to explore your options and discover if we are right for you! There are many reasons to transfer to CIMT College:

Less Expensive:

Many community colleges charge international students $15,000 per year for tuition. For your two year program, expect to spend $30,000.

  • CIMT College charges less than half from what most community colleges charge to international students!
  • Many CIMT College programs are only 6 months in duration, so you’ll be working in your career much faster if that’s your goal!
  • CIMT College offers Post-Graduate programs for those who wish to do 2 years of study. A dozen programs in various durations are offered to give you a choice!

The Right Program:

Many international students come to Canada to study in a program chosen by their Immigration Consultant. They’re sold on a program by being told they’ll get Permanent Residency, and not by knowing whether there will be a job in their field at the end of the training. So when they’re finished their 2 years of study for $30,000…. They’re working as a cab driver. Don’t finish a 2 year program and end up working at McDonalds... just because you wanted a PR.

  • CIMT College offers you FREE Career Counselling to help you start training for a career with a JOB at the end of your education!
  • Change your focus to a CAREER point of view!
  • Don't pick a college program… Pick the career where you want to work!
  • Choose a path to being employed... not just to PR.

Know Your Rights:

Often when international students try to withdraw from a community college, they’re told that they can’t. Or their Immigration Consultant tells them they’re not allowed to. Some international students are told there is no refund if they withdraw, which forces them to stay in a college or program where they aren’t happy.

  • You can withdraw from the other school!!
  • You are entitled to a refund of some of your money! (some deductions are reasonable)
  • If they tell you that you can’t withdraw, and you aren’t entitled to a refund, demand to see the college’s Ministry-approved Refund Policy!
  • If you wish, CIMT College can help you transfer from the community college!
  • Ask us for help! Let us give you the right information!

Know the Steps:

Many international students stay in a program they know isn’t right because they’re told by the community college or their Immigration Consultant that it’s complicated to transfer.

  • It’s easy to transfer!
    • Come to CIMT College for a FREE Campus Tour
    • Meet with an Admissions Advisor to help choose your Career Path
    • Give us your documents, and pay a $500 non-refundable application fee to receive your Letter of Acceptance to CIMT College, usually the same day
    • Ask the other college for their Withdraw Form to complete and sign
    • Provide them with the Letter of Acceptance from CIMT College
    • If they refuse to transfer your money, ask to see their refund policy
  • If you encounter challenges, ask your CIMT College Admissions Advisor for support. We are here to help you!

Future Employment:

Your ultimate purpose should be to find employment in your chosen field of study. Start by choosing a program which maps to a job. Choose a program with a career opportunity when you finish.

  • We are a Career College… which means Your Career is Our Focus!
    • We will provide you with FREE Career Advice and Career Counselling
  • Our Career Services at CIMT College will teach you resume and cover letter writing, what to wear to an interview, how to answer interview questions.
  • Many programs include practicum placement to give you on-the-job training which can lead to employment!

Don’t waste years...
     Don’t waste dollars...
          It’s time to Educate yourself about Education!!

Contact CIMT College to schedule a FREE Campus Tour… today!

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