Spectrum Scholarship

What is it?

The Spectrum Scholarship is a unique health care industry opportunity offered to a selected group of students who have demonstrated a commitment to community care and are interested in entering the exciting and highly rewarding field of home care. The Spectrum Scholarship provides selected students with subsidized tuition for the entirety of a Personal Support Worker program at CIMT College. After the completion of the program, successful graduates will be offered full-time employment with Spectrum Health Care for a period of two years.

CIMT College - Spectrum Scholoarship

Who Should Apply?

The Spectrum Scholarship is not for everyone. We are looking for a group of people with a passion for community home care and great communication skills to join the Spectrum Health Care family. The following characteristics will define a successful Spectrum Scholarship applicant:

  • Successful candidates have a demonstrated record of voluntary involvement in their community, i.e. Retirement home volunteering, working with seniors in home or facility, hospice care, animal shelter volunteering, working with people with disabilities and children
  • Successful candidates will possess the following skills and attributes to excel in the program and in their home care career:
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Customer and patient focused attitude
    • Ability to work independently
    • Desire to show initiative and drive to go above and beyond
    • Interest in the health care and medical industry
    • Excellent conflict management skills
    • Commitment to their patients
    • Ability to accept constructive feedback and apply learnings to their work
    • Ability to build strong relationships with peers
    • Ability to maintain professional boundaries while building positive and constructive relationships with patients and families
    • Mutual trust and respect for confidentiality and responsible communication
    • Sensitivity to cultural, familial, ethnic, spiritual and linguistic factors
  • Successful candidates are required to demonstrate their commitment to full time home care work by committing to a period of two years of full-time work at Spectrum Health Care upon completion of the program
Spectrum Scholarship Upto $7500

How Does It Work?

  • Interested students must apply through CIMT College by following standard application guidelines and indicating interest in Spectrum Scholarship via a one page personal essay on why they would be an ideal candidate
  • CIMT College admissions staff will screen applicants for suitability for this exclusive funding.
  • Selected students will meet with Spectrum representative to ensure suitability and eligibility
  • Upon approval by CIMT College and Spectrum, selected applicants will be offered acceptance to the program and receive a letter of acceptance.
  • The CIMT College Personal Support Worker program will include all of the required coursework and placements in addition to Spectrum-specific orientation and homecare modules
    • If eligible, the student will need to attend additional sessions with Spectrum to learn about the Spectrum culture, communications skills and community home care to prepare for the workplace
    • Students will be placed for their practicum(s) at a Spectrum Healthcare facility
  • Students will be held to the high standards for attendance and marks which all CIMT College students must meet. Students will also attend regular check-ins with Spectrum staff for ongoing assessment of suitability and commitment.

Admission Prerequisites

  • Complete the Spectrum Scholarship pre-screening Questionnaire
  • Applicable for ages 18 and older
  • Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident                      
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Student must be flexible to attend at any CIMT College campus location
  • Student must be ready and willing to be gainfully employed full time as a Personal Support Worker in a Community setting with Spectrum Health Care for a period of 2 years after completing their education.
  • Spectrum Scholarship is a unique employee supported opportunity for individuals who have a passion for community-based health care services

Education Opportunities

Personal Support Worker certificate program

  • 28 weeks/700 hours of full time training, with practicum (refer to flyer)

Individuals must have all of the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent

or  Mature Student Status (18 yrs and above and pass a qualifying test)

  • Completed Medical Form 
  • Criminal Record Check (VSS, clear)
  • Pass an NACC Literacy Test   

Current Standard First Aid and CPR (level C) certificate prior to practicum placement

Personal Support Worker Bridging certificate program

  • 17 weeks/350 hours of full time training, with practicum (refer to flyer)

To bridge, in addition to the requirements for PSW above, the individual must also already possess one of the following:                    

  • Health Care Aide – Canadian Graduate, diploma or degree
  • Home Support Worker – Canadian Graduate, diploma or degree
  • Personal Support Worker – Canadian Graduate, diploma or degree
  • Nurse or Registered Nurse – Domestic or Foreign Trained with Degree in Nursing
  • Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) – Domestic or Foreign Trained
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – Domestic or Foreign Trained

Funding Amounts

  • Students may receive up to $7500.00 to cover tuition costs, books, and uniform for PSW
  • Students may receive up to $2750.00 to cover tuition costs, books, and uniform for PSW Bridging
  • Funding amount is determined by eligibility and suitability of program requirements
  • Funding may include tuition (per list price), books, uniform, and other fees.  

Career Placement at Spectrum

  • Once students have graduated from CIMT College, they will be placed with Spectrum Health Care as a full-time personal support worker in the GTA
  • As a Personal Support Worker at Spectrum, you will join a highly-motivated team of individuals who are passionate about community home care.
  • To see a job description of a Personal Support Worker at Spectrum, visit the Spectrum website.
  • Spectrum Health Care is an accessible and equitable workplace that offers its staff benefits, pension and perks. To read more about what Spectrum offers, visit the Spectrum website.

First Steps

  • Meet with an Admission Advisor who will answer your questions and complete your Enrolment Package with details of program, fees, books, uniform, etc.
  • Your Admission Advisor will make an appointment for you to meet with Spectrum to apply for the scholarship
  • If you're eligibile, your Admissions Advisor will provide you with your start date and scholarship amounts.
DOWNLOAD Spectrum Signing Bonus PDF
DOWNLOAD CIMT College Spectrum Scholarship PDF
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