We are enrolling new students for upcoming programs and courses via phone, SMS, online and email while our physical campuses are temporarily closed due to Covid 19. Our students are continuing their education through online interactive instructor led virtual classes and getting ready for the employment in the field of study.

Student Success

Hired by Excel Care Nursing Services

Student Name: Amandeep Kaur Deol
Program Studied: PSW
Employed With : Excel Care Nursing Services, Etobicoke

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Hired by Carepartners

Student Name: Ranjit Sharmar
Program Studied: PSW
Employed With : Carepartners

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Hired by Khurana Law Firm

Student Name: Shelka Kohli
Program Studied: Diploma in Legal Office Administration
Employed With : Khurana Law Firm

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Hired by Khalsa Community School

Student Name: Sukhjiwan Dhaliwal
Program Studied: Diploma in Early Child Care Assistant
Employed With : Khalsa Community School

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Hired by Camilla Care Community, Sienna Living

Student Name: Zorica Mitrovic
Program Studied: Diploma in FSW
Employed With : Camilla Care Community, Sienna Living

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